Pianist and Composer

Both Bach and Liszt are considered mystical composers. They were deeply religious and would spend much time in prayer, devoting their music to God. Even if the religion isn’t perceived the same way today, their relationship to something bigger than us all, and the door they open to this spiritual dimension is still actual and everyone, never mind their faith, can find a connexion to it. The light of their spirits beam long after their death, and they are extremely inspiring figures for the following generations of composers and musicians.

Lux Aeterna : the path of spirit

Bach Partita no 2 in c minor (13’) or

Bach/Murdoch Organ Concerto in d minor (12’)

Bach/Busoni Chaconne in d minor (16’)


Liszt Ballade no1 in D flat major (7’)

Liszt Ballade no2 in b minor (15’)

Liszt Après une Lecture de Dante (17’)

“Bach is beginning and end of all music.”

Max Reger ( 1873 – 1916 )