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to the Festivals de Wallonie 2023

Beatrice Berrut is forging strong links with Belgian through a series of concerts at various festivals over the summer and autumn of 2023. Follow her as she explores these festival gems.

Each year, the “Festivals de Wallonie” select one or more artists, leading figures in the cultural world, to perform programmes directly linked to the theme in a cross-cutting way at all the federated festivals.

New album:


Transcriptions and Paraphrases for piano

My first collaboration with refined French label La Dolce Volta.

How can one come to terms with being a pianist madly in love with Austro-German post-Romantic music, which forsook one’s instrument in favour of the orchestra?


The best way to experience music is live and in good company. Share these particular moments of emotion and visit Beatrice Berrut’s concerts in your area.

30 June 2024



Lavaux Classic

Piano Recital. Works by Dukas, Berrut, Ravel and Schumann. Scène du Lac.

23 July 2024



Observatoire d'Arbaz

Piano Recital

About magic and astronomy; Piano transcriptions of Paul Dukas’s  Sorcerer’s Apprentice, John Williams’s Harry Potter, Berrut’s Polaris and Cepheides and Untold Tales.

With tales and gorgeous astronomical pictures.


28 July 2024



saison musicale du Pont-des-Arts

With Anastasia Kobekina, cello

église de Maison Maugis


08 August 2024



Rencontres musicales de Champéry

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

A magical skating show with Stéphane Lambiel, Shoma Uno, Satoko Miyahara, Deniss Vasiljevs, Koshiro Shimada, Marin Honda… and kids from the skating
school. With classical piano music live!




The concert pianist's life

1985, Valais, Switzerland: Beatrice Berrut, born in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais, spends most of her childhood with her sister conquering the hills and mountains of her home valley.

The inspiration found in the marvellous landscape, the stoic Alpine giants carved ancient rock, and the fascination by nature itself accompany her to this day on her musical journeys.

The journal

From roots to stars

In a world where nationalities, languages and identities mix, enrich and sometimes clash, a recognition granted by one’s place of birth raises several questions. Indeed, I am the happy recipient…

Why the Liszt Sonata changed my life

When you play the piano, you are told since childhood that Liszt is a dubious figure: first seen as womanizer who writes music for pianists who love to show off,…

A season with a baton, from Meiningen to Covent Garden

It was in Berlin in 2007, and the audience in the Philharmonie, usually so well-behaved, applauded between the movements. It was simply impossible to keep to yourself the overwhelming emotions…

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