Liste to Beatrice Berrut's latest album: Metanoia

The latest album of concert pianist Beatrice Berrut features chosen pieces by the composer Franz Liszt. Immerse yourself in the sound universe of the Hungarian genius and discover the acoustic marvles of a man famous already back in his days for his flawless virtuoso piano play.

The first part of his life was devoted to triumphant tours to every corner of Europe, where he astonished and delighted audiences with his solo “recitals”, for which he composed strong, characterful, virtuosic works displaying his amazing abilities as a pianist. Later he became more obscure, more visionary, opening the way for atonality, and finally adopted the Franciscan habit (his “mantle of renunciation”) and withdraw far from the worldly salons that had brought him fame in his youth. His life, with its shift from the glory of playing before aristocratic audiences to years punctuated by spiritual retreats behind the walls of a monastery, may be seen as an illustration of metanoia. He managed to reconcile the extremes, thereby awakening archetypes that are rooted in the human subconscious: his music always represents a stylised struggle between good and evil, light and darkness. His writing, which may at times be described as Manichean, nevertheless explores all the pains and joys that a human soul can experience and creates an unbreakable thread between feelings that are very remote from each other. And indeed, what would joy be without sorrow?

Music as healing, music as consolation, and also suffering as a direct inspiration of the act of creating music: at no time has this been more apparent than in the Romantic era, with composers such as Liszt, one of the most contradictory individuals of that period.

Beatrice Berrut, Metanoia

Life shaped by music

1985, Valais, Switzerland: Beatrice Berrut, born in the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais, spends most of her childhood with her sister conquering the hills and mountains of her home valley. The inspiration found in the marvellous landscape, the stoic Alpine giants carved ancient rock, and the fascination by nature itself accompany her to this day on her musical journeys.

Concerts & Events

The best way to experience music is live and in good company. Share these particular moments of emotion and visit Beatrice Berrut’s concerts in your area.

Beatrice Berrut

Date City Venue Country
01/04/18 Zürich Tonhalle Maag CH
Time: 11:15.

Osterklassik Festival, release concert of the newborn album ATHANOR, featuring Liszt Piano Concertos and Totentanz. Works by Liszt and Mahler.

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02/04/18 Berlin Uferhallen DE
Time: 20:00.

Release concert of the newborn album ATHANOR, featuring Liszt Piano Concertos and Totentanz. Unknown and thrilling works by Liszt with Rosanne Philippens, violin, and Benedict Klöckner, cello.

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08/04/18 Geldrop Geldrop Castle NL
Time: 11:30.

Piano recital, works by Bach, Brahms, Wagner and Mahler.

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Programme concept: Exile

1024 683 Beatrice Berrut

Facing exile as well as being away from homelands has been the source of inspiration and creativity for composers and musicians since centuries. Wagner composes his Wesendonck Lieder when he was banished from Sachsen and is forced to live in Zürich. Mahler refers to himself as being homeless and exiled threefold: „As a Bohemian among…

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The art of piano play

1024 768 Beatrice Berrut

A score is comparable to the sketch of a canvas: outlines, dimensions and subject are there. It is up to the performer to respect and understand these basic data, and to put it into colour, perspective and enlighten it. Like a painter who chisels the detail of a flower, but keeps in mind its place…

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Programme concept: Movements

1024 683 Beatrice Berrut

Life captures movement. Out of lively pulse, rhythm originates, out of rhythm dances are born and dancing demands for music. The Partita by Bach consists of single movements and although the music only slightly reflects its origin, the actual compositional structure reflects the moving rhythm of a dance. Centuries later, Zoltan Kodaly studies traditional folk…

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